Established in 1999

Ameican Lycetuff School DNK System is a best schools in Pakistan and pioneer in quality education. With an in-house R&D division which is constantly tuned into the newest of technologies on the block and a by far the best team of academia, dedicated to the constant up-gradation of the curriculum, the school is one of its kind in the schooling fraternity. ALS DNK System is a dynamic educational community created by the interaction of dedicated organizers, enthusiastic parents and committed faculty.

The vision of ALS DNK extends beyond the narrow walls of classroom and textbooks. We believe that education is about preparing and equipping young people for life and not just for school. Our aim is to give your child the best possible start to life in school and to see them progress to be happy, independent and responsible people. We hope that the information contained within this booklet will be useful to you as it will explain the main things you need to know about the school and how we always have the best interests of the children firmly in our minds.

We, at American Lycetuff DNK School, are passionate about offering children an exciting, stimulating and rich curriculum, based on real reasons for learning. We have many excellent resources, which include projectable screens for various purposes in every campus, the latest computers in labs for the advanced working of students in Robotics, STEM Rooms with all the required material for students’ STEM challenges and Interest Areas for our pre-school students keeping in mind the main purpose of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The classrooms are spacious and well-appointed. They are well equipped and attractive with good display areas.

At ALS, we’ve always believed that both teachers and parents play an important role in the growth and development of a child and it’s only through open communication, fruitful discussions and active participation that we can together lay a strong foundation for our children.

“To make learning creative, interesting, interactive and engaging, through a system which is constructive, comprehensive, practical and futuristic.”

We aim to realize our mission by:

  • Offering a creative, caring, innovative, stress free and harmonious learning environment for children.
  • Imparting quality education through opportunities to discover, explore & experiment with hands on material.
  • Providing a lively curriculum; practical in approach, innovative in methods, scholarly in content and global in scope.
  • Developing communication skills to enable the students to express their thoughts and feelings fluently & in a confident manner.
  • Creating opportunities for learning basic life-skills such as self-dependency, critical thinking & decision- making.
  • Preparing children for the global challenges while maintaining the rich Indian culture, morals and values.
  • Facilitating a culture of lifelong learning.

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