We offer a range of outdoor experiential learning opportunities where students learn beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. This mode of learning is both memorable and engaging, and encourages students to apply their learning in a hands-on, minds-on manner.
Activities bring our students together, encourage the development of skills that facilitate success in group or team environments, and allow them to be successful outside the classroom.

We enjoy our sport at ALS DNK but we also take it seriously. Our Health & Physical Education department have significant individual expertise in their specialist areas that allows them to run recreational and competitive sports programmes. We have outstanding facilities (indoor and outdoor), that we are proud of and highly qualified staff.

At ALS DNK, school field trips are designed to take our students out of their routine and provide them with new experiences outside their normal activities. This allows them to demonstrate what they have learned in practical and new surroundings. School trips provide alternative educational opportunities, cultural enrichment and community service.

At ALS DNK, we always try to inspire out-of-the-box thinking and innovation and we actively encourage our learners to explore new ideas such as the opportunities and challenges behind running a business.
We create opportunities for students to become leaders and involve them in all aspects of school life, from small tasks such as selecting lockers to interviewing prospective teachers. We thrive on entrepreneurship and aspire to create innovative learning environments that motivates students in our schools to become young adults who have the drive and will to develop and act on new business ideas. 

We have a vibrant Arts programme which is integral to school life. We adopt a two-pronged approach to the arts: the curricular or classroom experience and extracurricular activities and performances. Arts activities (drama and visual art) allow our students to explore, shape and communicate their sense of identity and understanding of the world, while developing creativity, self-confidence, resilience and adaptability.