SENIOR SCHOOL (Matric & O Level)

Our curriculum is represented through learning standards and conceptual understandings. These are developmentally appropriate and provide guidance regarding expectations for students at each grade level. Their purpose is to ensure robust progression for students as they move throughout the grade.

Our learners go beyond the classroom to grow mentally, socially, and creatively. ALS DNK aims to encourage learners to show initiative, demonstrate skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making, preparing them for life beyond education. At ALS, there are many opportunities to work with peers in their academic pursuits, as well as sport, arts and service to support learners to be successful and graduate to the college & university of their choice.

Universities and employers want affective skills in addition to academic qualifications. They want people who are problem solvers, who can collaborate and who are excellent communicators who can use and apply information in novel situations, therefore the environment and opportunities we provide at ALS DNK prepare our learners to face the challenging a competitive global era.