Our Primary Years Programme offers a broad-based education, anchored in a rigorous academic programme designed to ensure our students’ holistic development, in and out of the classroom, and most importantly to develop critical life skills and sound moral values. We focus on building a firm foundation in values, knowledge and skills so as to allow the child to understand his physical and social world, and be able to function in it and relate to others as part of a social group.

Our Primary curriculum focuses on three main aspects of education – subject disciplines, knowledge skills and character development.

Our learners build strong foundations in reading, writing, numerical skills and scientific understandings. In addition, we teach our learners to develop the skills and approaches to learning that are essential in this rapidly changing world.

Apart from a holistic primary school curriculum, our learners can also look forward to state-of-the-art facilities and innovative learning spaces.

Providing each and every child with a holistic educational experience is important to us. Our unique co-curricular programme, run during school hours, extends curricular learning by providing students with creative, performance, service or sporting opportunities. Our house system and primary student council encourage a strong sense of community, leadership and team spirit.