Early childhood education is regarded as physical care and education starting from preschool to the age of eight years. In Pakistan, early childhood education is a recent development that requires the best curriculum for preschool to make it effective. In this regard, American Lycetuff School is the best place for the pre-schooling and grooming of a child.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

International research has shown that the early years of a child’s life are fragile and can be easily molded into any shape that will be settled for the rest of their lives. This requires a robust and careful approach in their development education upon which their future is based. It is a common practice in many underprivileged and low-income families to make their children start working upon which their bread and butter rely. This was considered normal practice in most of the rural areas and some of the downtowns in urban areas. However, with the involvement of many NGOs working to eradicate child labor, many children got enrolled in schools besides working part-time.

Early Childhood Education in Pakistan

In the public sector, early childhood education is the classes given before grade 1 with the age group starting from 1 to 3 years. It was recognized in the 1070s in Pakistan with Katchi and Pakki classes between the ages of 3 to 6. Nowadays, it is called Montessori where children are given basic learning to behave well and learn etiquette to be in any place. Early childhood education in Pakistan is vital for many reasons:
1. Children need to realize that education is the only solution to be out of poverty than becoming child labour;
2. Inculcating in them the quest for education and development;
3. Mild brains need to be strengthened with the quality of life that requires good education;
4. Children need to be placed on a track for growth and development;
5. Pakistan’s success relies on its youth which calls for brilliant minds shaped from early childhood; and
6. Educated minds strive for more learning and development which ultimately strengthens their families and their      societies.

Techniques to Enhance Early Childhood Education

By far, the best curriculum for preschool requires a detailed study from many think tanks and devising the most viable solutions for its implementation. This is greatly done by the American Lycetuff School and should be adopted by other schools in order to make their students’ early education effective:
1. There should be an interactive class environment having multiple learning techniques through playing, workshops, quizzes, and learning.
2. The provision of preschool education should be made an important part of the coursework.
3. There should be proper training for the teachers regarding Montessori and other preschool education and activities.
4. The curriculum should be revised after every 2 years and the progress should be monitored.
5. Parents should be called in on a regular basis to update them about their child’s performance.


In order to systemize early childhood and preschool education in every public and private school, the administration needs to plan a standard curriculum for all such education and must ensure its effective implementation at all levels in the urban and rural areas to make everyone parallel and equal in getting education.