A nation’s development depends greatly on its level of education. Science and technological advancements are getting better daily. STEM education is becoming more and more popular in the current society. The current study concentrated on Pakistan’s need for and potential for STEM education. It is advanced study in which students learn about the new techniques of Science, Engineering and Math. The emphasis on hands-on learning with practical applications assist develops a diversity of skill sets, including creativity and 21st-century skills. Parents in Pakistan now look for the No.1 School in Pakistan which offers STEM education because the scope of STEM education in Pakistan is increasing. Students who want to become a doctor, dentist, architects, engineer or statisticians so, STEM education is very important for them.

By using intelligible teaching methods and practical learning strategies, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education integrates the four disciplines. We now understand that these disciplines shouldn’t be taught in isolation; rather, they should only be practiced alone in the real world or the framework. Science is the study of nature. It includes the laws of nature as they apply to physics, chemistry, and biology as well as the applications of logic, principles and other concepts associated with these fields. A source of information that has been improved by the conditions necessary to produce new knowledge is science.

Skills Derived from STEM Education

STEM-based education teaches children more than science and mathematics concepts. The focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications helps to develop a variety of skill sets, including creativity and 21st-century skills.

Difference between STEM and simple school

STEM education is known for sparking an interest in subjects such as science, technology, math, and engineering, because it gets students more involved in doing, rather than just learning. Traditional education covers a general spectrum of subjects without focusing directly on or diving deeper into, a select few.

7 Benefits of STEM Education

  1. Builds resilience
  2. Encourages experimentation
  3. Encourages teamwork
  4. Encourages knowledge application
  5. Encourages tech use
  6. Teaches problem-solving
  7. Encourages adaption

No.1 STEM School

In American Lycetuff School, we provide your child with an innate interest in science or building things, we must say ALS DNK schools cater to all kinds of learners and that most students appreciate the hands-on nature of the curriculum. It is the No.1 School in Pakistan and offer environment friendly atmosphere.

STEM Teaches Critical Thinking and Innovation

The focus on logical thought processes and problem-solving allows students to develop mental habits that will help them succeed in any field. STEM coursework challenges students to think critically and come up with their solutions.

So, STEM education is just a step away from your child. STEM education is essential for exposing kids to potential future careers and preparing them for an increasingly technology-based world, so come and join us. American Lycetuff DNK School System is waiting to give your child a bright and enchanted future. Admissions are open now for session 2022-23. For more detail, feel free to contact us.


Written By: Syeda Andleeb