Education is a fundamental right for every kid and the initial education is very important for them because they learn through different things like play, toys and such type of activities. Parents always try to find the best school for their children. With the advanced technology now it is also impact on kids’ education. Nowadays ‘Early Year Foundation Stage’ is one of the best program for kids and in assimilation with the American Lycetuff  school modules, is renowned as one of the superior curriculums for young children. American Lycetuff is considered the top schools in Pakistan. We set the International standards for the learning and development areas for children up to 5 years old with great insistence placed upon implementing a broad and equilibrium curriculum. In this article, we lay out the 7 areas of learning and development in the EYFS.


  1. Communication and Language: It is very important and basic to create an environment for young children to convey themselves as this acknowledges them to develop their language and communication skills.


  1. Physical Development: Children are very energetic and passionate about learning and they always love to do physical activities. Outdoor and physical activities are making them creative thinker. In American Lycetuff DNK campuses you will see big playgrounds with age-appropriate accouterments to support the children’s physical development. Have a look at the ALS facilities.


  1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development: It is very important for parents and school that they help kids to interact with other children because personal, social and emotional development is very important for starting stage of education. Learning social skills, developing an early understanding of emotions, and conspiring with others are imperative skills that will be beneficial in most situations throughout life. The next four areas of learning and development are more concrete.


  1. Literacy: In this area of learning, children begin to explore lingual perception which is the capability to hear and identify different words and sounds. This is the area where children also start to learn how to read and write.
  2. Mathematics: Children are supported in being able to express shapes, spaces, and measures as well as guided in developing skills with numbers and calculations.


  1. Understanding the World: This is the beginning stage when children start to make sense of things across observation and analysis.


  1. Expressive Arts and Design: Contrivance is an imperative component of childhood and helps children learn many lifelong lessons. In this area of learning, creative activities like painting, drawing, music, and technology give children the opportunity to learn new things, express themselves, and develop their creativity.


Final Contemplation: 4 Guiding Principles of EYFS


The 7 areas of learning and development are accomplished in congruence with the 4 guiding principles of EYFS. These principles corroborate that every child is unique, every child can learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships, that children learn and develop best in validated environments and that children develop and learn in distant ways and at distinct rates. At ALS we follow this Foundation Stage (EYFS) to ensure that all the children obtain an enhanced positive first experience of learning education. Our vision is to be the premier provider of pre-school education and childcare in the ALS to set quality standards and excellence in the teaching development and care of young children.


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