A school must stimulate curiosity in the young, impressionable minds and equip them with tools to be better human beings. The process of learning is building block to shape the character of children as they get to know how they have to react depending on the situation. Education must facilitate the cultivation of a healthy thought process and groom our cognitive abilities. Education has become equally important in today’s world as food, shelter or clothes. Schools are playing an important role in the development of the personality which is very important in the upbringing of any child. There are many best schools in Lahore which offer advance education and “American Lycetuff DNK” is one of them. There are many things in which school plays an important part in the life of students; some of them are as follows:

Academic Strength:

Ideally, the school’s role is to bring each student to her individual, maximum academic potential. Therefore, in addition to an academic skill, problem solving is an essential life skill. Students keep trying even after failing again and again if they have good problem solving skills. They will push and persist because that mentality also dictates that there is a solution, it just hasn’t been found yet. and that sounds like a challenge.

Social ability:

It must be the responsibility of schools to give positive classroom environment to the students in which they get more chances to interact with their fellows. As a result of more interactions social skills of students gets improved. Keeping this in view, American lycetuff school system encourages such classrooms so that students excel their social skills as well as their academics. Due to lack of self-confidence, if a student needs to do struggle in communication and doesn’t know how to convey his point of view, he will not be able to compete with other fellows who have strong social skills. In ALS, curriculum is designed in such way that it must involves such classroom activities in which students speak on different topics as it motivates them to boost their social skills and self-confidence as they play the role of an important factor in grooming the other skills of students.

Character Building:

Academic achievement cannot be replaced by character building but it is a vital part of it. ALS DNK school system does not only focus on academics but it also focuses on moral ethics such as respect, integrity and empathy. We also offer STEM Program, Robotics program and EYFS program. It is the motive of the school that when your child graduates from the school, he must be a responsible citizen for the society.

Broadening Visions:

Different opportunities should be provided in schools. Therefore, American lycetuff DNK school system arrange different field trips which helps in broadening their mindset and students try out new things. Extracurricular opportunities are being offered at many different schools. Being part of such activities help to develop a child’s interests, build self-esteem and shape the course of professional and academic life ahead.