How are Interactive Whiteboards used in ALS DNK Classrooms?

Most of us received our education on chalkboards in the classroom and on traditional dry erase boards at school. Certain analogue technologies will probably always be needed, but if you've ever used an interactive whiteboards, you know how much digital technology can do. ALS DNK School System is the biggest users of interactive whiteboards because [...]

What are the Advantages of Going to a Private School?

Many parents are choosing private schools to educate their children so that they can prepare them for an ever-changing world. There is almost certainly a school for every child, with options ranging from alternative schools to boarding schools. The following are the reasons why parents are opting to provide their children with the one-of-a-kind educational [...]

List of American Lycetuff DNK School Campuses in Lahore

The American Lycetuff DNK School System is one of Pakistan's premier educational institutes. It was founded in 1999. The purpose of the project was to deliver education in a modern ways. The American Lycetuff DNK School prepares its students for the 'O' and 'A' level examinations in addition to matriculation. It is a modern school [...]

How Robotics Improves Education in School?

Advantages of robotics education in schools Numerous schools are now establishing robotics clubs where kids meet after school to learn about and work on their robots. A teacher or member of the school's administration moderates these clubs. Students soon realize the value of skill sets, such as coding, hardware principles etc, when they collaborate in [...]

Why Kids Love Activity Based Learning?

Activity-based learning plays an important role in teaching the students to collaborate, communicate, interact and work in teams. Peers the other learners who are a part of the social environment contribute to the knowledge construction by sharing as well as identifying the affordances within the tasks at hand. Activity-based learning is the process of learning [...]

5 Reasons to Consider American Lycetuff School for Your Child’s Admission

Every parent tries to give their child the best of everything. And when it comes to starting their educational careers, no parent wants to compromise. Because it's the 21st century and everyone knows how important education is and what an important role it plays in a child's development and future. Especially when you live in [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes – American Lycetuff

During the worldwide corona epidemic, the American Lycetuff School, like other best schools in Pakistan, has equipped its students with education through online classes. However, along with the advantages of online classes, there are also some disadvantages۔ A comparative review of which is given below. POSITIVE ASPECTS OF ONLINE EDUCATION Let's start with the power [...]

The Role of Parents in Child’s Education – American Lycetuff

The actions of parents might readily serve as inspiration for children. So it would be beneficial to serve as an example for them as they learn. Children learn their initial lessons at home since their parents are their first teachers. Show children that if they put their best effort forth, the school can be enjoyable [...]

Is American Lycetuff Is Better Than Other Schools?

American Lycetuff is one of the best schools in Pakistan and a network of more than 35 state-of-the-art campuses countrywide is obvious the fact that under this banner excellent quality education is being provided. The school is offering an innovative, creative, caring, stress-free, and pleasant learning environment for children and that is why American Lycetuff [...]

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