Why is Early Childhood Education Important in Pakistan?

Early childhood education is regarded as physical care and education starting from preschool to the age of eight years. In Pakistan, early childhood education is a recent development that requires the best curriculum for preschool to make it effective. In this regard, American Lycetuff School is the best place for the pre-schooling and grooming of [...]

Why School is Important in Child Development?

The most crucial aspect of our child's existence is school. In terms of knowledge, growth, and development, it teaches the youngster important things. The school teaches students how to engage and be social in a diversified environment. Additionally, it instructs children on civil responsibility. When it comes to selecting the ideal school for their child's [...]

No.1 School in Pakistan – Admissions Open Session 2022- 23

Education is necessary for kids and it’s our right to provide the best education facilities. It’s indeed a dream of every parent to give an excellent education but due to some financial issues, some people can’t do it. If we talk about Pakistan so, here education has been divided into 6 levels, preschool, primary school, [...]

Scholarship Program in American Lycetuff DNK School System

OUR MISSION   American Lycetuff DNK School System is the Best School in Pakistan and a pioneer in quality education. With an in-house R&D division that is constantly tuned into the newest technologies on the block and a by far the best team of academia, dedicated to the constant up-gradation of the curriculum, the school is [...]

Find the Best Preschool in Lahore – ALS DNK

Picking a preschool for kid is the main choice. Parents are generally looking for the best schools for their children. What things make a school the best among the others? A few boundaries that inform you regarding the schools incorporate school fabricating, the instructors, discipline, educational program, the prospectus, and other things. These elements judge [...]

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