Education is necessary for kids and it’s our right to provide the best education facilities. It’s indeed a dream of every parent to give an excellent education but due to some financial issues, some people can’t do it. If we talk about Pakistan so, here education has been divided into 6 levels, preschool, primary school, high school, secondary school, intermediate, and higher secondary education. A few years back literacy rate in Pakistan was going down day by day but now Government and Private schools are improving it. The present literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3 which mean that a probable population of 60 million is uneducated in the country. Keeping in view this situation, the current government is according importance to improve the national literacy rate. “American Lycetuff” is a big name in the field of education and is considered the No.1 School in Pakistan. The team always tries to make a good partnership between school, kids, and home.

Finding the best school for children is always a puzzle task and parents want a good environment, high-quality education, fun learning activities, advanced study level, etc. The main purpose of the school is not to give education. We at “American Lycetuff” always try to make our students creative and smart thinkers.

What is meant by the excellence of education?

Quality education or training explicitly involves issues like proper abilities improvement, orientation equality, arrangement of important school framework, gear, instructive materials and assets, grants, or educating force. Quality education needs some planning and implementation. There are some elements or factors which every school needs to follow such as a standardized syllabus, high-quality teachers, effective learners, proper resources, capable leaders, and supportive parents. The teacher is maybe the main figure in education. A sound, secure, defensive, and moving learning climate, adjusted for the two young girls and young boys, is similarly significant.

Child Development:

We always believe that both teachers and parents always play an important role in the growth of child development. Productive discussion with kids is always very helpful for them and they learn from it. Teachers’ positive behavior makes them passionate about learning.

Why Choose American Lycetuff School DNK?

American Lycetuff DNK has many outstanding resources, which comprise projectable screens for numerous purposes on every campus, the modern computers in labs for the progressive working of students in Robotics, STEM Rooms with all the compulsory material for students’ STEM challenges, and Interest Areas for our pre-school students keeping in mind the main purpose of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The classrooms are airy and well-appointed. They are well prepared and attractive with good display areas. As the No.1 School in Pakistan ALS DNK always creates chances for learning basic life skills such as self-dependency, creative thinking & decision- making. Now be a part of our school and make your child’s future bright. Activity base education is always very helpful for kids and it makes them smart thinker. We never compromise on quality education and resources that is why we are well-known school in Pakistan.  Admissions Open


Author: Bilal Ahmed