Middle School (Grades 6-8)

This is defined as the preparatory stage because these years are designed to prepare our students for the next phase of their education when they will begin working towards board and CIE examinations. The curriculum and teaching at this level are tailored to encourage the development of higher order thinking and practical skills.

The structure of learning in Middle School progressively becomes more focused on independent learning where our students will take greater responsibility for their own learning.

In these classes, assessment is through class learning and examinations. Class learning incorporates:

Class assessments in form of T1 & T2 (Testing system), class activities (continuous assessment) and projects reflect the children’s ongoing classroom learning. In addition to these, there are three examinations throughout the year: First Term Examinations take place at the end of May; Mid-Year Examinations take place in November, whereas Final Term Examinations take place in March.