American Lycetuff is one of the best schools in Pakistan and a network of more than 35 state-of-the-art campuses countrywide is obvious the fact that under this banner excellent quality education is being provided. The school is offering an innovative, creative, caring, stress-free, and pleasant learning environment for children and that is why American Lycetuff is considered better than other schools. The main mission of this school is to make opportunities for learning basic life skills such as self-dependency, creative thinking & decision- making. This school is creating future entrepreneurs.

What is Lycetuff?

Lyce is a French word taken originally from the Latin word lyceum which means a place for giving education and a hall of discussion. American Lycetuff School DNK System is an educational institution in Pakistan that was established in 1996. American Lycetuff is a leader in high-quality education. The school is unique in the educational community because of its research and development division, which is always up to date on the newest technology, and its staff and academia are by far the best in the field and committed to regularly updating the curriculum. In addition to other facilities, American Lycetuff offers boarding to its students.

American Lycetuff Campuses:

In Pakistan, there are more than 35 of its campuses. Along with that, it has some branches across the borders, in several nations, including OMAN and JAPAN. Their education system provides BISE and Cambridge both, preschool till O/A levels and Matriculation. It has an experienced staff and an outstanding syllabus with extra co-curricular activities for the students. By introducing a new and very interesting subject like Robotics, students are learning new things while enjoying them too. Students are provided with full technology and fully air-conditioned rooms and a very safe and healthy environment is being given to the students in American lycetuff.

No.1 School in Pakistan:

The physical and emotional health of our students is our priority. Some devoted teachers are supportive, creative, and enthusiastic, a safe, nurturing environment where positive family values are promoted, and a strong academic focus on high standards and expectations. Ideal class sizes where all students are motivated and on-task. Individual attention with a focus on providing for individual needs and abilities and bringing out the best in each child. Excellent facilities like large classrooms, sports fields, STEM Rooms, and Computer Labs are provided in all its branches. Arts, language, robotics, mathematics, music, physics, and sports are just a few of the fascinating courses offered here, along with a wealth of resources and equipment for the students. Our first aim is to discipline effectively, consistently, and fairly. I believe these are all the qualities and facilities of American Lycetuff which is why it is better than other schools.

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Written By: Wajeeha Rasheed