What is Interactive Whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard is a large display that looks like a regular whiteboard but can be used for many different things: they allow staff and students to interact with the learning material through touching, drawing, and writing on the board.

Makes it Easier to Review Lessons from the Past:

Time will be saved in the classroom with interactive whiteboards. An interactive whiteboard is one of the best tools for reviewing a prior lecture. Teachers and students can efficiently review prior instruction thanks to the quick and easy access to a limitless supply of resources. Children are far more engaged with subsequent classes if they have the ability to review lessons at home, especially if the teacher employs cloud-based storage.

Facilitates the Teaching of Scheduled Lessons:

In American Lycetuff student involvement in the classroom will be greatly increased through interactive whiteboards. It enables teachers to prepare compelling slide displays for lessons and to plan their lessons. Lessons are organized utilizing an interactive whiteboard to maximize student learning time and move quickly enough to keep students’ attention.

The Learning Process Becomes More Fun:

Online interaction is prevalent in daily life since it is enjoyable for people of all ages. It is important to approach classroom engagement in the same manner. The usage of LCD monitors in interactive whiteboards gives students the chance to comprehend material through active participation in the classroom. When a teacher allows various pupils to interact with the board as part of the lesson, excitement in the classroom will increase. While doing so encourages students to stay focused, using the digital whiteboard to connect the class in a lighthearted way also serves as a reward for excellent behavior American Lycetuff DNK.

 Final Thoughts:

Both students and teachers who have tried them are impressed by the features of interactive whiteboards and are enthusiastic about this new revolution in education. Although there is a steep price tag attached, introducing an interactive whiteboard into your classroom can boost your students’ learning and help them discover new ways to learn. It can make revision easier and teaching more efficient – two things that are very helpful to develop successful learners.

The Split Attention Effect:

Working memory can become taxed when receiving information alternately from two or more sources because attention is being divided too thinly. Since their resources are used up trying to comprehend multiple things at once, switching between different sources can cause children to retain less information. According to research, pupils who learned using a split-source style outperformed their peers who learned using an integrated format in terms of learning outcomes.

According to a survey of 197 middle school kids and 10 teachers, interactive whiteboards were warmly embraced by both groups and really changed how much money was spent on technology. Teachers regularly assessed the interactive whiteboard as fascinating, pertinent, and appealing when it was employed as a teaching tool. This demonstrates that teachers value its advantages just as much as students do. “American Lycetuff” is considered the best school in Pakistan which utilizes interactive White boards and engages students with experiential learning. Interactive displays take collaboration and empowerment to the next level.


Written By: Fatima Hamood