Back in the days, dusty black chalkboards were central point of classrooms but now in the modern educational context, the term “Interactive Learning” is becoming more and more common. What does it really mean? According to Australia National University, “Interactive learning is a hands-on/real life approach to education founded upon building student engagement through guided social interaction.” It’s designed to create a “challenging but encouraging space for students to wrestle with novel concepts and develop practical skills.”

American Lycetuff DNK school system promotes technology infused classrooms which focuses on the conceptual learning rather than passive learning which just involves listening to the lectures and memorize them. Primary purpose of this development is to provide students deep knowledge of their concepts that doesn’t only based on theoretical level but to tell them real life examples and to provide them an environment for hands-on practice.

Why is Interactive Learning important for children?

Interactive learning has significance importance in this era because the kids of today’s world have grown up in an environment that is full of technology. The natural curiosity of children to know more about the world generates multiple questions in their minds as they want to make sense of it all. So just writing down on the board does not play any part in their strengths. Keeping this in view, advance methods of learning are required. Digital learning doesn’t only develop critical thinking skills but it also motivates introvert students to interact with their classmates which ultimately empower them to socialize.

American Lycetuff DNK school system intends to develop emotional and social skills in students in order to prepare them for life. It has been noticed that students can learn more by engaging into different activities which also helps in boosting their skills. In an interactive learning method of teaching, educational process becomes more interactive as the students get the chance to interact with each other more often. Over the passage of time, it resultantly prepares them for the life challenges.

Advantages of Interactive Learning

Engaging Content

When the content is interesting, students not only just read or listen but different sections of their brain becomes active which enables them to comprehend lectures in more effective way and to remember information for the longer period of time.

Interactive learning tools

In an interactive learning teaching method, educators use different platforms to make class interactive and to keep students motivated and engaged in the classrooms.

Adaptable lesson plans

In digital learning, the availability of resources and media enables the teachers to adapt or to change lessons instantly according to the needs of the class or individual.

Enjoyment and Fun for kids

Interactive learning plays vital role to provide enjoyment and fun for children as interesting images, videos and documentaries quickly grasps attention of the students.

American Lycetuff DNK school system has opted “Interactive Learning based education system” whose aim is to prepare kids for life and to serve the nation. Admissions are open, get your kids enrolled for the best education.


Written By: Memoona