Most of us received our education on chalkboards in the classroom and on traditional dry erase boards at school. Certain analogue technologies will probably always be needed, but if you’ve ever used an interactive whiteboards, you know how much digital technology can do.

ALS DNK School System is the biggest users of interactive whiteboards because teachers value how these technologies improve their lessons and students’ learning. Students now live in an advanced, interconnected society. They have constant access to information and digital services from any location.

What precisely is an interactive whiteboard?

A form of educational technology called an interactive whiteboard, often referred to as an interactive smart whiteboard or an electronic whiteboard, allows teachers to display the screen of their computer or mobile device onto a whiteboard that is mounted to a wall or mobile cart. A touch screen, as opposed to a typical projector and screen, enables interaction, communication, and even data modification between students and teachers using their fingertips or a stylus tool.

Interactive smart boards are used in the classroom to stimulate student participation. There are no restrictions on what educators can say to students. You may use videos, PowerPoint slides, and graphics in addition to traditional text-based lessons. In this blog, we’ll look at the usage of smartboard technology in ALS classrooms.

The lecture or instruction should not be replaced by using the whiteboard in the classroom. It should instead enhance education and offer students opportunities to engage with the subject matter more intimately. Before class starts, the teacher must prepare additional materials that may be used with modern technology, such as brief videos, info-graphics or problems the students can work on using a whiteboard.

You can employ sophisticated technology to highlight crucial facts as you go through a session. You may plan out the topics that will be discussed in class before the course even starts. On the whiteboard before each part, you might outline for the students the main concepts, definitions, and pertinent information. Besides text, this can also consist of images and videos. In addition to assisting them with taking notes, this will also enable them to study any upcoming lessons you plan to teach.

Engage Students in Group Problem Solving Make problem solving the main focus of the lesson. Give the class an issue to solve then turn the interactive whiteboard over to the students. When the smartboard technology is the main focus of the lecture, students may cooperate more successfully. As they work, the digital technology opens the internet, enabling the kids to relate the lesson to the technology they use every day.

Online engagement is common in day-to-day life. Engaging students in class should be approached similarly. The usage of LCD displays in interactive whiteboards gives students the chance to comprehend content through active participation in the classroom. When a teacher allows various pupils to engage with the board as part of the lesson, excitement in the classroom will increase. While doing so encourages students to stay focused, using the interactive whiteboard to link the class in a humorous way also serves as a reward for excellent behaviour. Now be a part of American Lycetuff School and make your child future bright because this is the best school in Lahore. For more detail stay in touch with us.