Life is about decisions; be that as it may, a few choices are unbelievably vital and can have a long-lasting effect. Picking a school for your children is one such decision that can make guardians have bad dreams. All in all, is there a simpler way for you, as a parent, to ensure that you are choosing the best school in Pakistan for your kids and not taking the path of least resistance? All things considered, YES! The right school for your kid can have a significant effect on their fruitful academic career. Fortunately, there are several options in education beyond the public school down the street today in Pakistan, and “American Lycetuff DNK” is one of them.

Education Literacy Rate in Pakistan:

The literacy rate of Pakistan is extremely low contrasted with different nations, a couple of years back the education rate was better contrasted with the literacy rate now. As per the new study proficiency rate in Pakistan is declined from 60% to 58%. This might don’t look tremendous distinction however the education rate is declining step by step. One reason for this misfortune is that individuals these days don’t have confidence in the Schooling System because of the absence of competent teachers and absence of offices available in schools, the majority of the Govt based schools are not fit for giving quality training to your youngsters; this case is additionally valid for a few private based schools.

Make your Child’s Future Bright:

People are now very conscious about kids’ education and they always look for the best school in Pakistan. They look for the best curriculum and environment.  “American Lycetuff DNK” is a big name in Pakistani schools and their vision is to make your child’s future bright. The mission of this school is to reach out past the tight dividers between study plans and course readings. We accept that instruction is tied in with planning and preparing youngsters forever and not only for school. Our point is to give your child the most ideal beginning to live in school and to see their improvement to be content, autonomous and capable individuals.

Our Vision:

  1. We are offering a creative, caring, advanced, stress-free, and pleasant learning atmosphere for children.
  2. We are conveying quality education through chances to learn, explore & experiment with hands-on material.
  3. We are providing a dynamic curriculum; useful in approach, innovative in methods, academic in content, and global in scope.
  4. We are helping a culture of lifelong learning.

We’ve generally accepted that the two teachers and parents assume a significant part in the development and improvement of a child and it’s just through open correspondence, productive conversations, and dynamic cooperation that we can together establish areas of strength for a point for our kids. Now admissions are open for the session 2022-23. ALS DNK is passionate about offering children a thrilling, motivating, and rich curriculum like Robotics, STEM, EYFS, and the Chinese language. Now make your child’s future bright for us.


Author: Bilal Ahmed