The root of all national growth is the education of children. In Pakistan Education suffers from inequality, whether by province, urban and rural areas, or boys and girls. Perhaps this is the reason why division is increasing in Pakistan. Here, doesn’t matter how beautiful the school building is, if the teachers teaching there are not trained and expert, quality education is not possible. An expert teacher is the only means of achieving educational goals. Change in students, improvement in character, skills. Growth and personality development is due to a good teacher. That’s why finding a good school is also a problem for parents especially in Lahore. If we think about the best schools in Lahore, It is important to mention it here American Lycetuff School System DNK that is No. 1 School among the top School in Lahore. There are almost 20 plus American Lycetuff Campuses in Lahore.

Parents today are very concerned about the quality education of their children. In order for education to be effective and to reach the required standard, it is necessary to evaluate the method of education, whether education is taught in a traditional way or modern methods of education are used?

ALS started as a fledgling institution in 1996 has now emerged as a prestigious educational institution nationally and internationally and has become No.1 School in Pakistan. A network of more than 30 state of the art campuses nationwide is evident of the fact that under this banner excellent quality education is being provided.

American Lycetuff DNK Schools System is a quality institution for education and training of children in Lahore, Which is considered among the best Institutions of Lahore, who are trying to give quality education and best moral and physical training to children in Lahore so that tomorrow this talented stuff can grow up to serve their country and nation and make the name of their homeland bright. ALS has various branches in almost all major places all over Lahore, among which the following are prominent:-

American Lycetuff DNK Campuses:

  • Canal View Campus
  • Canal Bank Campus
  • DHA Campus
  • Samanabad Junior and Boys Campus
  • Samanabad Girls Campus
  • Sabzazar Campus
  • Shadbagh Campus
  • Garhi Shahu Campus
  • Pak Block Campus
  • Superior Garden Campus
  • Johar Town II Campus
  • Johar Town III Campus
  • Johar Town IV Campus
  • PIA Campus
  • Gulshan Ravi I Campus
  • Gulshan Ravi II Campus
  • Gulshan Ravi III Campus
  • Gulshan Ravi IV Campus
  • Gulshan Ravi V Campus
  • Gulshan Ravi VI Campus
  • Garden Town Campus
  • Shah Jamal Junior Campus
  • Shah Jamal Senior Campus
  • Wahdat Road Campus
  • Township I Campus

These branches can be easily located with the help of Google Maps. These are top American Lycetuff Campuses in Lahore. Feel free to contact because admissions are open for the session 2022-23.

Written By: Mehak Kareem