Academic Year

First Term March – May
Mid-Year August – November
Final Term December – March
Summer Vacations Two Months
Weekly Holidays Saturday & Sunday

Pre School (Play Group, Kindergarten-I & II)

Students start their school at the age of 3+. Education in the early years is vitally important for the children to acquire basic skills. It is important that foundations are laid on which future learning can take place. If children are well motivated, enthusiastic, interested and happy then they learn more effectively. We aim to develop these skills in a creative, imaginative and original way.

The children need to learn in an atmosphere where they are not afraid to make mistakes and this in turn becomes an important part of the learning process. Each child will be encouraged to reach their highest potential and motivated to want to continue learning.

The Four Principles:

American Lycetuff School System Early Years framework sets standards for the development, learning and well-being of the children. We ensure that all children benefit from the safe and happy environment where they can play and learn together. Our curriculum reflects the four overreaching principles, as prescribed in the UK EYFS “Statutory Framework”.


More power to the child

American Lycetuff School focuses on the key competencies and skills with appropriate depth and range, giving control and responsibility of learning to the child. Our role is that of a facilitator, supporting our children in learning and equipping them for lifelong learning in the best manner.


Quality connections

Children thrive where they are raised in an environment in which they share secure, quality attachments with adults and peers. They flourish in a setting where the entire learning community is appreciable, considerate, enthusiastic, encouraging and happy.


Place for children to ‘be’

We value the innate potential of each child. Our Early Years teachers facilitate young children’s learning and thinking. Our free-flow play approach encourages child-initiated learning within and outside the classroom. Our provisions offer diverse learning experiences to young children in a holistic way.


Posing to solve with fun

A holistic curriculum offers children varied prospects to be creatively involved in their own learning, building on what they already know and can do thus strengthening their interest and understanding. Teachers promote problem solving by embedding play activities that foster thinking. This practice furnishes them with the ability to transfer their skills in a variety of contexts. We value child-initiated learning to achieve the intended highest learning outcomes.

In Early Years, students follow the foundation stage curriculum, based on the seven areas of learning:

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Language & Communication
  • Physical Development

Specific Areas

  • Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Art & Design

Junior School (Grades 1-5)

Based upon the foundation stone of a happy campus environment, a strong work ethic is built from the outset. As pupils progress through the structured framework of their early years, they take on increased responsibility for planning their workloads with the full support of a coordinated system. Classes are spacious, enabling teachers to offer individual help to every pupil. The school’s academic results reflect the expertise, vitality and enthusiasm that our teachers inject into school life.

Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based integrated planning ensures that pupils have a wide range of experiences that inform, excite and prepare them for the next stage of their schooling and which provide a foundation for lifelong learning. Whereas, to match the pace of ever changing and advancing field of technology, we have introduced our ‘Robosmart’ program to provide our students with hands-on and project based learning by giving them a book-free approach.

To ensure the successful implementation of this curriculum we are committed to create safe, secure and inclusive environments which are conducive to effective teaching and learning.

We teach the following subjects in our junior school:

  • English Language (LSRW approach)
  • Urdu Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Computer/Robotics
  • Art & Craft
  • Library
  • Physical Education

In these classes along with ongoing continuous class assessments, end of unit or topic written assessments are carried out. In addition to these assessments, there are 3 examinations; first, mid and final which help teachers and parents to monitor their children’s learning and to ensure a smooth transition between classes.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

This is defined as the preparatory stage because these years are designed to prepare our students for the next phase of their education when they will begin working towards board and CIE examinations. The curriculum and teaching at this level are tailored to encourage the development of higher order thinking and practical skills.

The structure of learning in Middle School progressively becomes more focused on independent learning where our students will take greater responsibility for their own learning.

In these classes, assessment is through class learning and examinations. Class learning incorporates:

Class assessments in form of T1 & T2 (Testing system), class activities (continuous assessment) and projects reflect the children’s ongoing classroom learning. In addition to these, there are three examinations throughout the year: First Term Examinations take place at the end of May; Mid-Year Examinations take place in November, whereas Final Term Examinations take place in March.

Senior School

American Lycetuff School is affiliated with BISE, Lahore for Matriculation and also with Cambridge Assessment and International Examinations to provide O Level qualification. Students may opt for either of the two routes depending upon their preference. During their course of study at Senior School, the students are taught by subject specialized teachers, providing in-depth subject knowledge to prepare them for further examinations.

In today’s competitive world, academic achievement is fundamentally important. So, it is reassuring to learn that American Lycetuff’s record is outstanding. Our school secured the second position in Matriculation, BISE Lahore in the year 2019; where our student Affan Aamir scored 1090/1100 marks.

In our Cambridge System, we set high aspirational targets for all students in each subject. These are rigorously monitored to make sure that all students make excellent progress. A vast amount of support is provided for those who need this to achieve. Our O Level students secured 188 A*s and A’s in 2019 result, including the toppers with 6 A*s and 2 A’s.



  • Art & Science Exhibition
  • Speech & Debate Competition
  • Mental Math Competition
  • Spellathon


  • Sports week
  • Annual Fiesta
  • Excursion Trips
  • Inter-Class Competitions