A Word from the Chairman

American Lycetuff School started as a fledgling institution in 1996 has now emerged as a prestigious educational institution nationally and internationally. A network of more than 30 states of the art campuses nationwide is evident of the fact that under this banner excellent quality education is being provided.

I have always believed that school is not merely a preparation for life, but life itself. For this reason, at American Lycetuff, we believe that our pupils’ school lives should be full of challenges, choices and opportunities for growth and flourishing, for emotional and intellectual enrichment. It blends traditional values – courtesy, tolerance, respect and decency – with a forward-looking approach to education.

Highly qualified faculty and staff, a wide variety of co-curricular options and advanced campus facilities support universal development at all levels, preparing students for success in further study, their careers and in life.

Ultimately, however, to really understand the warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes American Lycetuff different, you have to experience the School in person. So please pay us a visit at any of our campuses– you will see why we are so proud of ourselves.

Dr. Nadeem Kiyani