American Lycetuff School System wishes to maintain the highest standards of civilized behavior in the school. In achieving this end the School seeks the support of parents and guardians for the principal and staff.

The School wishes all parents and guardians to know that they expect the Campus Principal and staff to maintain a loving atmosphere in the school where the pupils can feel happy and secure and work to the best of their ability. The School believes that this atmosphere presently exists in the school, which is free from the misbehavior mentioned below. We believe that the school is blessed with caring parents and guardians and well-behaved, well-mannered pupils. The school policy is to encourage this positively by encouragement, praise and example. We believe that, in order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, good behavior in all aspects of school life is essential.

The school seeks to create a caring and learning environment by:

  • Promoting excellent behavior and discipline;
  • Promoting self-esteem, self-discipline, respect for authority with relationships based on mutual respect;
  • Encouraging consistency of response to both positive and negative behavior;
  • Providing a safe environment free from disruption, violence and bullying, this protects the wellbeing of the whole school community;
  • Encouraging a positive relationship with parents and guardians to ensure that they play their part in the implementation of the school’s policy and procedures;
  • Supporting the Campus Principal and Staff when faced with challenging behavior;

However, the School wishes to emphasize to all parents and pupils that failure to conform to the high standards expected by all, may result in expulsion in certain cases. For example, if any pupil:

  • Makes false accusations against a member of staff, which could precipitate action by the Police or the School’s Security Policy Makers;
  • Assaults a member of staff;
  • Threatens, harasses or is involved in any misconduct towards any member of the school community;
  • Swears at, or is personally insolent to a member of staff;
  • Makes an unprovoked physical/verbal assault on another pupil;
  • Takes up an inordinate amount of staff time dealing with his or her misbehavior;
  • Misbehaves in any way while on the Campus Principal’s report;
  • Is involved in the bullying of another pupil;
  • Is involved in activities which are prejudicial to the health and safety of member(s) of the school community.
  • Uses audio or visual recordings of members of the school community in a way which could be construed as harassment, bullying or an invasion of their privacy;
  • Is involved with illegal drugs during the school day;
  • Brings an offensive weapon into school

Keeping above in view, the Campus Principal of the respective campus may proceed to permanent expulsion for these or any similar misdemeanors and will have the full support of the senior management if he/she does so. It is our wish that parents understand the importance we place on high behavioral standards and support us in our determination to maintain them.