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The age of the child will be calculated as on 31st December, in accordance with the school age group given below.

Play Group KGI KGII
3 years + 4 years + 5 years +
Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV Grade V
6 years + 7 years + 8 years + 9 years + 10 years +
Grade VI Grade VII Grade VIII Grade IX-X
11 years + 12 years + 13 years + 14 years +

Note: The school reserves the right to deny or revoke admission to student if records show misleading or false information that has been provided on the form.


A student is automatically withdrawn if his/ her tuition fee is not paid for three months. Such student wishing to rejoin will be required to pay all the admission charges again. A student will only be considered for re-admission if he/ she has cleared all his/ her previous outstanding dues, subject to vacancy.