During the worldwide corona epidemic, the American Lycetuff School, like other best schools in Pakistan, has equipped its students with education through online classes. However, along with the advantages of online classes, there are also some disadvantages۔ A comparative review of which is given below.


Let’s start with the power of online education.

  1. Time flexibility

While some online students must connect to their computers or tablets at certain times to communicate with a Teacher. Online students are typically able to view course material 24 hours a day. Online Education offers a great opportunity to study at any time of the day, even at non-traditional times (for example, early in the morning).

  1. Self-direction and real-time communication

Therefore, it is a tool that allows fluid communication and helps to connect with the teaching staff instantly. In addition, students can decide what they study and how they study, since Content is published for everyone to review according to their needs.

  1. It’s usually cheaper

Because online Education enables more student enrolment and does not incur facility costs, it is generally cheaper than face-to-face Education.

  1. It is independent of location

Perhaps the most important advantage of online Education is that it facilitates access to studies from anywhere in the world.


Online classes are convenient, but they lack the human connection and interaction with instructors that you get in a live classroom. Most people don’t realize how much more effective learning in real life is compared to online classes. It’s not just about convenience or cost.

  1. Research shows that students learn more when they are in person at school. Students who learn in person have fewer distractions, increase concentration, and can have more direct, personalized learning experiences that prevent them from falling behind on August 17, 2021.


  1. You will be not able to focus more on your studies because there will be fewer distractions than if you were at home. You can. Feel more comfortable and learn more easily in a familiar, traditional classroom situation.


  1. Classroom learning helps students and teachers get to know each other. In a better way … In addition, classroom learning is more helpful because of the constant interaction between students and teachers, as it helps students get rid of their fear of exams, which online guidance It rarely happens.


  1. While some studies have found In-person classes are on average more effective than online classes, with some students doing better with virtual learning than with in-person courses. However, students who struggle with in-person learning have even harder time learning online.


  1. In the classroom, teachers can engage students in collaborative learning projects. They can learn from each other, build on each other’s ideas, and produce better end results than they would on their own i.e. not possible in case of online classes.



Written By: Mehak Kareem