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Admission Process

Starting school is a very important time for young children and we aim to make it a happy and exciting event. Our academic session begins in every March. Our admission requirements are as follows:

Admission Process Steps

Age Level

The age of the child will be calculated as on 31st December, in accordance with the school age group given below.

Play Group KGI KGII
3 years + 4 years + 5 years +
Grade I Grade II Grade III Grade IV Grade V
6 years + 7 years + 8 years + 9 years + 10 years +
Grade VI Grade VII Grade VIII Grade IX-X
11 years + 12 years + 13 years + 14 years +

Note: The school reserves the right to deny or revoke admission to student if records show misleading or false information that has been provided on the form.


A student is automatically withdrawn if his/ her tuition fee is not paid for three months. Such student wishing to rejoin will be required to pay all the admission charges again. A student will only be considered for re-admission if he/ she has cleared all his/ her previous outstanding dues, subject to vacancy.

There is no written test for pre-school. The admission test for primary and secondary school is based on the following subjects and classes:

  • KG & I – English, Urdu, Mathematics and General Knowledge (oral)
  • Class II to VII – English, Urdu, Mathematics and Science

The admission test is structured to fit onto one page with questions from all subjects and each paper is for 100 marks, which are spread evenly across all subjects. No other personnel other than the designated invigilators are allowed at the time of the test. The invigilators provide guidance and support to the children during the test if required.

Required Documents at the time of Admission

  • 3 Passport size photographs
  • Result Card and School Leaving Certificate of Previous the School
  • Copy of the Birth Certificate
  • Along With Prospectus Amount Rs. 350 Only